You Want the Funk? Peep “Back Then” By Niko Blue

Hip Hop is known for taking parts from other genres and make something sound totally brand new. More specifically, it takes from jazz, funk, and soul. Contemporary hip hop, however, doesn’t really stick to its roots, which has formulated today’s trap music that’s comprised of repetitious piano keys and strong bass. So where’s the funk? We want the funk! Luckily, I found this funky record called “Back Then“, and it’s not the Mike Jones record.

Atlanta-based rapper Niko Blue has a style that’s practically untouched by the average rapper. “Back Then” is jumpy and his flow makes this song easy to follow and vibe through. Don’t expect this to be hella lyrical, just expect to dance to Niko’s self-produced beat like you were back in the 80s.

Niko Blue and Daz Rinko need to link up since they both go hard on groovy instrumentals like this. We need this to happen ASAP. Maybe Daz might appear on Niko’s new EP Me, You & Summer, which is slated to release later this month (May 2018).

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