A Song About Sour Patch Relationships – “FWA” by Monalyse

First of all, don’t get butthurt. The Golden Era of Hip Hop was when storytelling over boom bap beats influenced a plethora of today’s artists. Famous Dex even pays homage to Nas despite their two incredibly different sounds. Nonetheless, when you find a contemporary record that reminds you of 90’s hip hop, you might just latch onto it. For example, Monalyse tells a story of sex, love and control on her record “FWA“.

Short for “Fuckem With an Attitude”, the Midtown-based artist explains her Sour Patch relationship (similar to a “Hawaiian Pizza” relationship) – where firing attitudes lead to pain and pleasure in bed:

FWA” is a sexy song that exhibits self-empowerment. Even though Monalyse’s attitude needs to get ‘fixed’ according to her man, she’s able to sustain her behavior and get what she wants simultaneously.

“He said I gotta fix my fuckin’ attitude/Then I fuck him with an attitude”

With Women’s Appreciation Month happening in March, Monalyse sets herself up as a self-empowering woman who’s in control – an ideal role model for all women. If you wanna check out more of the Detroit artist, check out her Soundcloud.

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