Miguel Releases “Sky Walker” with Unexpected Artist Collab

Miguel first emerged into the music mainstream almost ten years ago with his album All I Want Is You, and since then has continued to release hit records as well as befriending top artists like J. Cole, Mariah Carey, and Snoop Dogg. The R&B artist has also established himself in the fashion world through his designs and personal designer choices (see his Instagram for color blocking inspiration, seriously).

Story | Sara Loretta

Image | via Vibe Magazine

From his debut album, Miguel quickly jumped into stardom after “Sure Thing” hit the radio waves in the summer of 2010, perhaps categorizing him as a feel-good, sexy summer artist which had its benefits and downfalls. As consumers, we are ready for the “Song of the Summer” by late May, which we will play on repeat until school starts again. This year it was “I’m the One” by DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber, Quavo and Chance the Rapper; and the MTV VMA’s donned “XO Tour Lif3” by Lil Uzi Vert with the official title, but in August, Miguel and Travis Scott released a pool-party jam to close out the past months filled with Rosé and flamingo floats, titled “Sky Walker”.

The trap-inspired track accentuates Miguel’s wide vocal range and is a fun reminder that music can pull you out of the negative energy from our current political situation. Not only does “Sky Walker” inspire the boujee basic girl in all of us, but it proves that Miguel is the ultimate R&B artist of our generation simply because he has the ability to go from sexy to playful with a simple instrumental change.

There’s no denying that he, regardless of record sales, is able to successfully experiment within a record; which continues to capture new fans with every release. Not to mention, the Travis Scott collaboration easily allows the LA native to blend his funk-style R&B with today’s popular rap sound to create a relevant track for the teen generation currently obsessed with synthesized vocals.

I believe that Miguel is an artist who could have a 20+ year career in the music industry because his releases follow the current trends, in his own way. Miguel has never tried to mimic other artists who are in the Top 10 Billboard; but instead he is influenced by decades of other artists like Prince, Stevie Wonder and Diane Warren who came before him to dominate the charts.

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