Ravyn Lenae Basks in the Midnight Moonlight on Latest EP (Album Review)

With features by Rolling Stone, Essence and Vibe under her belt, Ravyn Lenae is set to serenade listeners with her warm blend of electronic R&B and heavenly vocals on her second project Midnight Moonlight EP.

Story | Zara Hurtado

The six-track EP takes on romantic themes such as loving someone from a distance, one-sided love and wasted time. At only 18 years old, Lenae’s lyrics prove her credibility as a songwriter and a poet, with her verses dedicated to love lost and unreciprocated love.

Released under Atlantic Records, Lenae’s album is a sophisticated and earnest collection of slow jams and ballads for the hopeless romantic. From ‘Unknown’ to the celestial ‘Hiatus (In Waiting),’ Midnight Moonlight introduces us to a softer more abstract side of the songstress.

With heart wrenchingly raw vocals reminiscent of Willow Smith, Lenae’s vocals weave over stripped down tracks as she declares her love with lines like:

“But I think I want you/ For a thousand, for a thousand/ And I think I’ve loved you/ For a thousand, for a thousand (a thousand years)”

Behind Lenae’s floating vocals are her emotionally charged lyrics, refusing to shy away from the tough realities of falling in and out of love along with realizing how unfulfilling the pursuit of it may be singing:

“I’m empty, fill me up/ I’m tipsy, fill my cup/ I know love is never enough/ I say it all sucks/ But I can’t feel my toes when I’m alone/ Why can’t I quench this thirst”

Throughout the album, listeners experience Lenae’s growth as her look on love evolves from naive to jaded, understanding that love is never an easy path. As her themes move from lighthearted and dreamy to a more sobered tone, the tracks never waver with their optimistic and upbeat synths.

Signed to Atlantic Records, the Chicago native has found her place as a strong name in the latest R&B wave. Experience her unforgettable sound on the rest of Midnight Moonlight here.

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