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Just as the forefathers of Hip Hop intended for rap music, painting tells stories far beyond the scope of the surface. Each chapter of a painter’s story comes from every detail, stroke, and color placement for instance. The unfortunate part is that most artists’ stories are not told past the first chapter. Mariella Angela has a story worth reading through over and over again.

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Mariella Angela, also known as @itsmariel, is a self-taught oil painter based out of Norwalk, California. She started oil painting in 2014 with a focus on recreating images of her heroes in Hip Hop. From her favorite rapper Tyler, the Creator, to Eminem, The Game, and Mac Miller, she’s made a name for herself as the person who paints dope portraits.

Photo: Timmy Truong
Photo: Taylor Preza

But with the dope portrait maker aside, there’s more to Mariella Angela than photos, videos, and time lapses of her work on social media.

As a daughter of five children in a Filipino/Chinese household, she’s an individual who enjoys her fair share of sinigang and other cultural delicacies. Although, she’s a huge fan of McDonald’s right now.

She describes herself as hilarious, caring, and ambitious. Through her artwork, she prides herself in creating content that supplies a dose of happiness for her fans. However, she’s opened up about a particular void deriving from her work.

Mariella recently came off a hiatus from painting. The hiatus wasn’t from the lack of inspiration – Hip Hop is created on a daily basis. It wasn’t from the lack of supplies – she had an entire studio filled with untouched paint. So what was the cause?

As human beings, we find ourselves wanting our stories to be told. We tend to get lost into the story that other people tell about us. Essentially, we forget who we are.

In this case, this is the story beyond the oil painter; the story more important than any external issues, the story beyond her love for Tyler, the Creator, the story beyond the Asian who paints African-American Hip Hop icons.

This is the story of Mariella Angela.

For more of Mariella Angela’s work, visit her website:

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