You’re in the ‘Wrong Place’ Without Listening to Mannywellz’ New Song

We always hear stories of a girl going for the bad boy, and a good guy on the side who supports the girl’s decisions, who somehow lands the girl at the end. Question is, where are these stories emanating from? They’re especially hard to find when people say good guys don’t exist anymore, but that all comes down to experience, perspective and location. When you take a look at Mannywellz and listen to his new single ‘Wrong Place,’ you may no longer be searching.

Story | Nico Blitz

As his first single of 2017, Mannywellz tells the story of being the good guy that a particular female has been looking for in ‘Wrong Place.’ He’s not gloating, nor does he place himself on a high pedestal amongst other men, but it’s a track which soulfully explains that good guys still exist. His catchy chorus is complimented by sounds from his African roots, creating a unique sound consisting of his heritage and east coast culture:

“Baby you been looking in the wrong place/ Looking in the wrong place/ Baby you been in the wrong place/ Looking in the wrong place”

Based off my own experiences, I believe good guys, and better yet, good people still exist. It might just be the fact that I grew up in San Francisco, which is one of the most unified cities in the nation, or it could just be that genetics allow me to see the good in all people. There’s good people everywhere, but sometimes good people get into bad things, or just appear at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I’ve learned to accept that whoever you are, there’s definitely a spark of goodness sheltered inside. Therefore, I agree with Mannywellz when he says that good guys still exist. Though to me it’s not about where you look, but how deep you look into someone.

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