Mannywellz talks “Alright” Rendition, Birth into Music, Optimism, & More!

I received an email stating that I should consider watching this performance of an artist that goes by the name Mannywellz. Immediately, I was struck by the way the name ‘Mannywellz’ rolled off my tongue. But what enticed me to watch the video was the fact he was performing a rendition to arguably Kendrick Lamar’s most inspirational song from To Pimp A Butterfly: “Alright.”

Story | Nico Blitz || Photos – via Kierra Felton

I was stunned to find how Kendrick’s powerful, up tempo, crowd-gathering song could be transformed into a soulful, mellow, and still, crowd-gathering song. At that point, I knew Mannywellz was someone I wanted to know; someone who I felt had the ability to inspire movements through his music. Just as his name indicates, Mannywellz has the power to dig deep — like a well — into his soul, where you’ll feel like you’re wearing the same shoes he is. With that being said, my interview with Mannywellz is one that tampers with all his emotions: the good, the funny, the sad, and the darkness. But like all wells, there’s something at the bottom that’s worth acquiring if you’re willing to work for it.

00:00 – Interview – Birth Into Music
09:39 – “Alright” Rendition by Mannywellz
12:26 – Interview – Optimism, Performances
20:16 – “Blessings” Remix by Mannywellz
22:16 – Interview – Finding God, Crying in the Car
30:00 – “Never Back Down” by Mannywellz

Mannywellz Interview
Photo via Kierra Felton

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