“Malala” by Wake Self, Battles Misogyny as Ode to Malala Yousafzai

Throughout history, women have been deemed as lesser between their male counterparts. You would think the world would treat women with more respect since the human race’s existence rests upon their ability to give birth, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, Hip Hop has played a major role in promoting misogyny, and there aren’t many rappers who speak upon the topic. Make your way to Albuquerque, New Mexico and you’ll find that Wake Self is one of few who take worldwide misogyny to heart and puts it on his track entitled “Malala”.

Story | Nico Blitz

Featuring Blu Samu on the track, “Malala” is an ode to Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai, a children and women’s rights activist who challenged the Taliban for her rights to greater education. Interestingly enough, the name “Malala” is defined as all-honey, referring to a woman who is sweet as honey.

The music video to “Malala” features Wake Self’s lyrics spoken through the mouths of Duke City local women, with a message to demolish misogyny across the globe.

What always struck me about misogyny is this: men became the founders of the phenomenon, and women are either on the other side of the fence or on the same side as men. Hip Hop is one of the the catalysts for misogyny that solidified a playful tone to it — referring women to ‘bitches’ or ‘hoes’– and also entices women to sell sex (i.e. video vixens).

Essentially, this world is composed of the misogynistic people, the people who want sexual equivalence, and those who want a resolution to misogyny but are unconsciously promoting it. I don’t believe there is a clear cut solution to misogyny, but the first step to the solution comes from Hip Hop. You can’t delete words like ‘bitches’ or ‘hoes’ from anyone’s vocabulary, but you can be responsible for promoting the conscious artists who speak upon topics that influence the greater good for human beings.

Wake Self is primarily sitting down the entire time during this music video, which shows that, although he speaks for the greater good for women in the world, he’s still a part of the catalyst of misogyny and refuses to stand for it.

At the end of the day… Well, we wouldn’t be able to see the end of the day if it wasn’t for the women who birthed us.

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