90s R&B is Back w/ Maesu (Podcast)

Maesu is a true gem on account of his abilities to sing, rap, and shoot visuals.

Story | Nico Blitz

I first discovered Maesu from his record “Left You” produced by Koyo and was immediately captivated by its futuristic R&B sound. However, as a person who enjoys lyrics more than anything in music, I had the single on repeat because of his unique ability to tell a story without confining to the way sex is elaborated in mainstream music.

Although rough, dirty sex is an easy seller to millennials, there’s going to be a point when music truly dries it out. It won’t have the effect that a Passion, Pain & Pleasure Trey Songz had, and artists will then need to become more creative in their delivery. That’s where Maesu comes in, who told me he’d never said the word “pussy” in any of his songs, despite having sexually-driven topics. It’s his ability to comprise sexual innuendos and metaphors that make his language of love much more appealing than his mainstream heavy-hitters.

Below is our exclusive interview with Maesu:

Maesu will be dropping his EP deSerVe in September/October 2017. For more on the future beat vocalist and his clothing brand Forever Unfinished, visit his website.

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