Everything You ‘deSerVe’ in a Relationship through Music by Maesu

After much anticipation, Maesu has officially dropped his deSerVe EP with seven soulful bangers, including a bonus track featuring Koyo. The Los Angeles-based singer’s new music gives off island vibes and will have you bumping during night-time drives. Seriously, bae or no bae, you will definitely get the feels.

Story | Shealene Sakacs

Maesu’s vocals compliment the production of his songs as a whole in the most unique way possible, not to mention the fact that all of his music is incredibly relatable. From complicated relationships, growing as in individual, and learning the balance between love and lust, this is the EP you deSerVe to listen to.

Echidna Oceans/ Svice Sversa
This song is all about love and making sure you have found the right one. When you’re with someone you start feeling different emotions and consequently seek validation for them. Pouring your heart isn’t simple, especially when you’re unaware of the other person’s reaction.

In this case, Maesu is only calling the one and feels like it’ll be worth something. In the song he repeats, “Keep me from swimming”, and what I got is that there are plenty of fish in the sea, but the right person will keep him from swimming for others.

Left You” (featuring Koyo)
My definition of codependency in a relationship is being Mr. or Mrs. Right, and at times not garnering the appropriate amount of appreciation. It’s like getting that drunk phone call for closure because the relationship ended horribly. In this case, Maesu explains a relationship gone wrong; leaving it before it got worse. Read more about “Left You” here.

Short for “On God”, this song is about giving someone what they want while fostering personal growth. Despite wanting to supplying an endless sea of love and affection, Maesu puts his foot down to flourish in his personal goals.

Under Me
This is one of the more solemn records; the other side of the coin when it comes to the concept of “OG”. Maesu’s bae pursues her life as needed, and somehow finds her way back to him at the end of the day.

Millennials are deeply into hookups. Therefore, it’s nice to get back-to-back records that paint the picture of what each person deserves.

Short. Sweet. To the point. “Charlane” is about the girl. Maesu compares Charlane to champagne and says that her body keeps him sane. He also says repeatedly that he’s willing to fly this girl out to Los Angeles.

We all have this person; our personal “Charlane” who you’re willing to do the absolute most for.

Capturing happiness by grinding together as a couple is instilled in the repeated lyrics: “You know what I want”. The objective in this particular relationship is to make money together, which ultimately leads to an unmatchable bond and untethered communication.

Aquimini” (featuring Koyo)
As the smoothest record on the deSerVe, you’ll hear a story about a girl Maesu is completely passionate about; enthralled by knowing the power that lays inside her. She’s the game changer.

Learn more about Maesu in our recent podcast interview.

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