No Happy Endings in ‘Luv Ya’ Visual by Daz Rinko

The concept of romantic relationships evoke a reciprocated feeling between the two people within the relationship, or at least that’s what we all strive for. Sometimes one person falls harder and gives their all even if they don’t get the same love and affection back. It can be draining trying to impress someone and make them want you as much as you want them. It can even lead to you become so blinded by their appearance, their personality, and the attention they give you that you sometimes ignore what their actual intentions are. In Daz Rinko’s new video for his single “Luv Ya” he proves this to be true when he falls for a woman that does not have his best intentions in mind leading up to a major plot twist.

Story | Shealene Sakacs

Daz Rinko’s visual for his single “Luv Ya” gives you all of the feels. The song comes from Rinko’s album LIFTED which was released this past June. The Quintin Lamb directed and edited visual is filled with upbeat vibes, vibrant colors and city lights, with a tempo and beat that makes it impossible not to dance along with. A plot twist at the end of the video will have you feeling like you just finished a drama on the big screen.

This video makes you realize that love can sometimes cause us to become so blind that we don’t think as clearly as we should. In this case, Daz Rinko fell for the woman in the video and wanted to impress her by inviting her over to his apartment where he could turn on his charm and gain her attention.

However, the twist of the video unravels and it becomes clear that the woman did not exactly feel the same way about Rinko that he did for her. She dominates the relationship, manipulates him, and ends up taking his life in the end! I mean, does it get any crazier than that?

Many people in this world wear their heart on their sleeves when it comes to finding love and falling for someone but it is important to keep in mind that the feelings are not always mutual and can sometimes lead to catastrophe, or a complete bloodbath, whatever.

The “Luv Ya” video also connects a little bit with “Flashing Lights” by Kanye West. Of course, Daz Rinko becomes manipulated by the girl he is in love with and tries to get her to love him back. In Kanye West’s video, he becomes manipulated by his ex-girlfriend that he is still in love with. There’s some form of feminism within these videos in the sense that the women are dominating and do not fall for the charm that Rinko and West lay out for them. The women also have the power to make these two fall for them under any condition and that is exactly what they do. Also, in both videos the women create a plan to make Rinko and West their victims and in the end the rappers both lose their lives trying to win their significant other’s over.

Remember it’s okay to wear your heart on your sleeve as long as it’s still beating at the end of the day.

If you want to hear some more of Daz Rinko’s music make sure to check out the rest of his album LIFTED (Life Is For The Everyday Dreamer) for more groove-worthy melodies and beats.

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