Watch: Lord Morgan Gets His Hands Tied While ‘Married 2 the Game’

I went to a shoe convention several months ago and ran into this guy who asked me, “Do you like hip-hop?” I responded, “Yes.” He said “Hey you should buy my mixtape for five dollars. I promise you it’s fire, bro.” My immediate thought was, “Chance the Rapper doesn’t even sell his music. This kid is trying to make money off his mixtape which I’m 100% sure isn’t better than Chance the Rapper. This kid probably isn’t even committed to rapping full-time.”

Commitment is the key to seeing a spectacle of your talent going worldwide. In other words, grinding endlessly is what keeps anyone’s career afloat. In some ways you’re married to your grind, the same way Lord Morgan is married to hip-hop.

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‘Married 2 the Game’ is the first single off Lord Morgan‘s upcoming project Vibration is Player. On a beat laced with melodic keys, producer Eyyell describes the track to “being committed to something so beautiful that can also be so toxic.” The music video visualizes the toxic relationship between Lord Morgan and the ‘game,’ where he feels trapped despite how much he tries to leave it.

The toxic relationship I have with hip-hop is synonymous to The Avenue’s founders (Lord Morgan & Eyyell). At times I find myself wanting to dump my accomplishments with the fear of going nowhere. Then there are times, like now, when I write something and those fears instantaneously disintegrate. When I stop to think about what really motivates me, it really comes down to the love I have for The Lunch Table.

There’s a level of love that’s needed for anyone’s career path. Without it, the escape would be without getting beat up, handcuffed, unconscious, or a thought telling yourself to come back, the same way Lord Morgan drafts in this video.

Vibration is Player is set to release in 2017.

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