Little Simz Teams up with TDE Signee SiR on ‘One in Rotation’

U.K. rapper Little Simz has been picking up steam with the release of her second album Stillness In Wonderland and a nomination for XXL’s Freshman class. Reaching this level of success hasn’t always been easy for Simz. She speaks on the struggle of breaking through the radio charts, unpacking her past challenges and ultimately staying true to herself on ‘One in Rotation’ featuring SiR.

Story | Zara Hurtado

Produced by DK the Punisher, the smooth, jazzy track evokes a feeling of nostalgia as Simz reminisces on the things she’s given up for her success as an artist. She didn’t just walk into success; she hustled and she wants listeners to know that she doesn’t need anyone’s pity with lines like:

“You don’t know the half you better chill/ Worked my arse off without a meal/ I don’t need no sympathy, promise they will remember me/ That’s my word to keep, you might learn from me.”

A strong vocalist who has picked up notable features with artists such as Chronixx, SiR and Syd, Little Simz has been carving her place as a new force in the R&B game. However, her work isn’t done. She also recognizes the unique obstacles women face in the R&B and hip-hop scenes, singing:

“I’ma take the title as the man of the year this year/ It’s familiar, I’ve been here/ Been disheartened, still my heart stay sincere.”

Whether she’s pushing to get a project out or fighting to get recognized as a musician, ‘One in Rotation’ proves that Little Simz has a fire in her that keeps her at the top of her game.

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