Lil’ Wayne Denies Racism through Personal Experience

With much talk about racism being a major point of discussion on the table these days, Lil’ Wayne sat with ET Canada to discuss a personal experience he had growing up.

Story | Taylor Preza
Image | ET Canada
At 12 years old, Lil’ Wayne was found laying on the floor of his home with a gun wound in his chest. He had shot himself. When police arrived on scene, several of them entered the home and launched themselves on top of the child’s body.

They were searching for a weapon.
One police officer demanded them to stop and take a look that the boy was the one injured. The police officer wasted no time and rushed the rapper to be to the hospital, carrying him in to the room.

“He said don’t worry, my name is Uncle Bob. He was white as snow. Those m*ther f*ckers that hopped over me, were blacker than me,” explained Wayne. “He was a cop, and my life was saved by a white man.”

Through this snippet of the interview, Wayne did not say that racism does not exist, but rather that he could not acklowledge the word ‘racism’ because of this experience at a very young age.

“I don’t know what racism is,” announced the artist.

Don’t believe us? Check out the interview here.

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