Mickey Taelor Searches for Lifelong Clarity in “Le Noir”

It’s all too common for young adults to struggle with finding our purpose or our meaning. We end up asking ourselves the existential question posed by Mickey Taelor’s track “Le Noir”: “I don’t know what I came here for.”

Story | Zara Hurtado

Mickey Taelor channels that mindset as she speaks on the uncertainty of moving forward with verses that perfectly encapsulate the pressure of always moving but never knowing if you’re doing this “life” thing right:

“Time and time we go/Through ropes and clouds and tones/And poke the opposites of life/And wonder if I’m right/Or left to find a fight or death.”

Taelor’s soulful jazz beats coupled with her smooth rhymes create a lasting impression leaving listeners reflecting on their own life journeys. With her Essentials LP generating buzz since its release in 2016, it seems like maybe Mickey Taelor does know what she came for after all.

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