Krizia’s New Song “Dirty” is A Playfully Sensual Mood Setter

I woke up on a Monday and was eager to play Krizia‘s newest single “Dirty” during the first 3 minutes of my daily adventure. Evidently those 3 minutes unconsciously became 15 from rotation repetition on Apple Music. In other words, I was captivated by the De’la produced record accompanied by Krizia’s storytelling.

By harmonizing her angelic vocal range and squeezing in some playful sensuality, “Dirty” can easily be your song for bae when to entice the mood for Netflix & Chill. Simultaneously, this slap will make you bounce as you unwillingly participate in a lip sync battle with the reflection of your selfie camera.

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Dirty” is the first single off Krizia’s upcoming STFU playlist, which has no set release date. Until then, enjoy this song on repeat.

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