Kid Cudi Explores “The Rage” in Us All in ‘Rampage’ Single

While some artists make songs for “likes” or clout, Kid Cudi makes songs to connect, educate, heal, and uplift his fans. He takes us on a journey to his deepest lows in hopes to pull us out of our own, letting us know he feels what we feel. This is what’s so special about him, he seemingly doesn’t care about anything other than the art and the audience.

The Rage” has everything we love about a Cudi track; eeriness, relatability, and of course humming. The Smashing Pumpkins’ sample of their 1995 hit “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” helps the sinister feel. Might I add that only Scott Mescudi can sample 90’s grunge without any rebuttal from hip hop heads. It just works.

He surprised fans by announcing the new track on Twitter thursday afternoon, triggering a ton of excitement. Listening to “The Rage” you’re taken on a wave of emotions from, “hands up, we back in, born in the rage” to “know the lost can be saved, survivin’ the end of days.” While exploring the rage in each of us, this song is a testament that 1) you are not alone in your feelings and 2) there is a way out.

There’s a chance he’ll perform “The Rage” at the Smokers Club Festival in Long Beach, Sunday April 29th.

Rampage starring Dwayne Johnson is now in theaters.


My advice; listen to 'To Pimp A Butterfly' on vinyl and let it change your life for the better.

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