Kelechi’s Relationship Advice: Don’t Do “Too Much” Or It Won’t Work

People prevent themselves from being in their feelings. But why though? Naturally we’re meant to express ourselves, but societal norms have reinforced our guards. We prevent ourselves from being hurt so much that we become cold. At times its too much, and Kelechi won’t allow his feelings to be imprisoned.

Too Much” is the latest single from the STNDRD founder, where he’s in his feelings about his inamorata. Kelechi confesses that he’s done wrong in the relationship, which ultimately ends in a spring breakup. It could be the music, the shows, and the unstoppable grind that this guy is going through that makes him go half-insane, but he doesn’t find any of that as an excuse for his wrongdoings. Instead, he eventually accepts the unacceptable. He’s got too much on his plate and now he’s left in a relationship with an unwanted ending.

This loosie explains just one thing; don’t take more than you can eat. With that being said, listen to “Too Much” for some relationship advice y’all.

Too Much” is Kelechi’s first single from Spring Breakup. No release date has been set.

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