Kanye Loves Kanye: Yeezus Art Exhibition in LA this week

Work submitted by 50 artists will be featured today and tomorrow for a gallery show curated by artist Matty Mo, in the Arts District flaunting the Kanye Loves Kanye collection of artwork inspired by Yeezy.

Story | Taylor Preza

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Kanye Loves Kanye
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Mr. West is fully aware of his influence on the pop-culture community, with fans recently flocking to his pop-up shops, purchasing The Life of Pablo, and Yeezy tour tickets. However, these days, we are seeing not only Kanye’s love for Kanye grow, but Yeezy fan’s love for Kanye has flourished as well.

Artworks of the fashion guru artist have been going viral, such as the painting of Kanye kissing Kanye in Australia. And now, this art show dedicated to worshiping Mr. West.

Today and tomorrow, Mr. West’s visitors are invited to enter the sacred space to either check out the artwork or to worship him in a spiritual manner. Incense will be burning, Tibetan monk music will be playing in the background, and only one or two people will be allowed in at a time to preserve the religious experience.

Now, since a certain number of people are allowed in at a time, this can only foreshadow that the line to get in, will eventually grow to a big number. And as we know, this is a part of the whole Mr. West experience. There has always been a thriving anticipation for anything Yeezus-related.

Photo: thedailybeast.com
Photo: thedailybeast.com

Guests will set their eyes on traditional to modern art that features the new Kanye, the bad mood Kanye, and just the plain Kanye loving Kanye.  


‘Kanye Loves Kanye’:  October 25-26, 11am to 4pm, at 1820 Industrial Street in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles

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