Joyner Lucas Releases “Frozen”, A PSA For Distracted Drivers

For the first time in history, Easter and April Fools lined up for an epic holiday filled with pranks and Cadbury Eggs. However for one rapper, April 1st is no laughing matter and to kick off the spring-prom season, Joyner Lucas drops Frozen to continue the conversation surrounding distracted driving.

The single is available alongside his other bombshell tracks like “I’m Not Racist” on all music platforms. Creatively though, Lucas has been releasing conscious tracks via visual aid first before just dropping the song. This tactic has sparked conversation largely outside the traditional hip hop community for the way in which the rapper’s words are portrayed. In “I’m Not Racist” we saw the Trump supporter, and now in “Frozen we are seeing victims (who appear to have died in car crashes) mouthing the lines of the song. While there are many ways individuals’ lives can be taken, this song specifically covers DUI (Driving Under the Influence), Speed Racing and Texting While Driving.

It’s true that Joyner Lucas has a natural talent for storytelling whether the topic is heavy or light (where’s the bug van from “Stranger Things?), and strategically reaches audiences of influence like teens and young adults to open their minds even while they’re still on social media.

Photo | Atlantic Records

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