Jhene Aiko Channels “50 First Dates” on New Single ‘While We’re Young’

Jhene Aiko recently filled her Instagram page with a gang of fluorescent images, all compiled to form an image of herself trekking along a calm river bed. Little did we know, we would get much more than just a nice visual of artistic imagery. The talented R&B singer and half of Twenty88 surprised her supporters with the release of her latest single and music video for ‘While We’re Young,’ a beautifully composed and written love song that only the 29-year-old could impeccably deliver.

Story | Jasmine Sabagquit

Image | Instagram

In less than a week, the music video has already hit over 2.5 million views on YouTube and goes hand in hand with the track in a unique way. The video channels the popular movie Adam Sandler movie “50 First Dates” where Jhene’s love interest has to win her love everyday since her character suffers from short-term memory loss.

Jhene’s signature, distinguishably soft vocals accompany the smooth beat, synths and guitar riffs perfectly. But what stands out the most to me is the conviction in her voice and lyrical content towards a significant other, something that I haven’t noticed in her previous solo work. The truth is that ‘While We’re Young’ is a very beautiful modern day love song, where she declares love and commitment to her lover:

“I’m tellin’ everybody you’re mine and I like it/ And I really hope you don’t mind. I can’t fight it./No, you know I cannot hide it ‘cause I’m so excited that I finally decided on you/ ‘cause it’s been another perfect day with ya/ Wanna lay with ya/ Spend the night with ya/ Then spend my life with ya, alright/ Alright, alright/ Yeah, you heard me right.”

And with that decision to love, comes an immense trust in which she acknowledges and sings:

“I’m giving you my heart, please don’t break it/ Take it and lock it up and put me in your pocket, love.”

That type of honesty and vulnerability does not exist very often in today’s music, as many songs are released with all hope of success riding on a wobbly wave of catchy beats or a feature from a well-known artist, with no comprehension of what is being sung or rapped. Jhené doesn’t fit or even try to step foot into that conforming mold, as she has always been an artist to openly share her highs and lows. Her life experiences are the backbone stories in her music, whether it be the love and heartbreak of relationships, the difficult loss of her brother, or the love she shares for her daughter.

Closing in on three years since her last solo album release, Souled Out, we’re excited for what she has to share with the world. And even with this small treat, it looks like Jhene is taking us along another incredible journey not by Sailing but on foot this time. And from the sounds and looks of things, it’s going to be a very beautiful ride.

Jhene Aiko will be performing at the BET Experience in Los Angeles on June 23.

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