Jayda Embodies Zenon on Out of This World “Satellite” Video

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century¬†is a memorable movie of my childhood simply because of director Kenneth Johnson’s perception of the future. Nowadays we don’t get too many stories pertaining to the future. Regarding music videos, the last unearth-bounding video was Childish Gambino’s “3005“, but now this Korean singer introduces herself as an alien floating with amongst a satellite.

Jayda, Los Angeles-based singer, was introduced to us by Father JFont as an artist with innate musical talents. According to Jayda, she’s a perfectionist, which took her debut single “Satellite” nearly a year to complete.

It was well worth the wait, however, since the low-fi vibrant song about love making is accompanied with a music video that is symbolic for her migration to the United States.¬†Enjoy the video so “Satellite” above.

Stay tuned for my upcoming podcast with Jayda.

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