Women Empowerment, Education & Unity from Jasmine Deva | I AM.

It’s Women’s History Month, however we’re switching things up to Women’s Appreciation Month. Though women across the board are under-appreciated, we’re focusing on women in the music industry for it’s scarcity of women, and lack of support for those who already have made their mark within it. A rising singer/songwriter from Long Beach, California known as Jasmine Deva talks about her experience in music, which can help young women be the change in the industry.

As the youngest of 7 siblings, Jasmine grew up in a household filled with musical talent. Her older brothers and sisters are either singers, songwriters, DJs or musicians, and her father encouraged them all to pursue their dreams. In a time when supporting women is much necessary, her father instilled empowerment, education and unity through music for Deva and her siblings, the same goal she has for other women in music.

Every woman is unique. She’s nothing like SZA, nor can she spit bars like Gavlyn, but that’s okay because you can’t compare them. Deva is an entity on her own who takes you on journeys with her voice, and can fill the room with vibes that resonate appreciation for her distinctive abilities. And she’s one hell a performer, go ask Angie who’s always watching her at Fight Club LBC.

For more on Jasmine’s sound, check out her album Deva. on Spotify.

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