Janine’s “Too Late” Ballet Video Expresses Post-Relationship Trauma

Janine finally released the music video to her 2018 single “Too Late“. She released this record when The Weeknd dropped My Dear Melancholy, so it very much fit the mood of the week. It’s a sad record where Janine fights the urge to call a previously-believed-to-be soulmate, but combats the urge because of her untimely feelings. Read more here.

The interesting part about this video is the ballet dancers. You’ll notice that she has both men and women of different colors, which symbolizes the fact that we ALL have felt the pain of post-relationship trauma. Literally no one is safe from these emotions of regret, knowing even an ounce swims somewhere in your emotional pool.

Enjoy the video. It’ll get you in your feels instantly.

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