Hip Hop Holiday Coloring Book, The Must-Have Christmas Gift

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without drawn out portraits of the rap game’s current greats in the Hip Hop Holiday Coloring Book.

Story | Nico Blitz

Masterminded by Naheel Jawaid, Esther Park and Jordan Caron, the coloring book is a 20-page set is filled with familiar illustrations, and fictional scenarios starring rappers like Chance the Rapper, Kanye West, Drake, 21 Savage and more.

The illustrators seemingly integrated irony amongst the portraits. For instance, Chano is found ‘wrapping’ Christmas gifts, and the self-loathing Kanye holds mistletoe above himself while looking into a mirror.

Hip Hop Holiday Coloring Book

This ideal Christmas gift for any Hip Hop lover is available in soft cover and retails at $12 for a limited time. Shipment will begin on December 12. Purchase yours here.

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