SiR Finds His Place in Top Dawg Entertainment with ‘Her Too’ EP

Top Dawg has become one of the most highly praised labels that maintains a diverse roster of artists, ranging from lyrical wordsmiths from Ab-Soul to Kendrick to alternative/experimental sounds like Skiiiwalker & SZA. So upon hearing that TDE signed SiR, most were probably curious to know why the label signed the west coast singer. With two singers signed to the label already, the Inglewood-based singer finds a secure place in TDE with his smooth and very much grounded-in-R&B sound with his latest EP Her Too.

Story | Adam Douglas

As a follow up to his last project Her, TDE’s newest signee released Her Too, a nearly 20 minute EP where SiR exchanges his thoughts on love. Although short, Her Too manages to capture the vast range of emotions that you get from a woman: love, lust, frustration, and longing. This is demonstrated on songs like “Ooh Nah Nah”:

“Ooh nah nah, ooh mama
I tried but I can’t stop thinking ’bout you
And your body, touchin’ my body
I fuckin’ lose it, girl I don’t know what to do”

The high points of Her Too are embodied within the concepts behind the songs. With the name “Her Too,” you would expect to hear an EP closely based around women or love. However, the album’s entirety keeps each song interesting through their depth and complexity to their themes. The most interesting of concepts includes “Canvas,” where SiR personifies his woman as a literal work of art; painting her body and adding color to her world of black and white.

This same complexity can be found on the album’s standout single “W$ Boi” which finds SiR in a Romeo & Juliet relationship with a girl from the wrong side of town. This track shows SiR’s commitment to his love but at the same time easily becomes an anthem with it’s enticing hook:

“But I hop in the G-Ride anyway
Head to the east side anyway
She come outside and we gone
She know I can’t stay long
I’m a westside boy, I’m a westside boy”

The rhythmic production and properly picked features add color to the album but can almost be described as discreet. The production is vivid, yet very subtle for the most part leaving plenty of room for SiR’s vocals to breathe. The same can be said for the features from King Mez, Anderson .Paak and Masego. On “New LA” Anderson and King Mez’s verses are quick and seamlessly slice through the song’s production, while Masego uses his verse on “Ooh Nah Nah” to integrate with the tracks instrumentation.

SiR strengths are exhibited all over Her Too and by the end, it’s understood why he’s worthy to sign to Top Dawg. He offers something new to the label that we didn’t even know was necessary. Although only an EP, it’s got The Lunch Table pretty excited to see what else is in store for SiR.

Her Too is now available for download and streaming on iTunes. Keep up with the newest member of TDE on social media.

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