HASEEB Wants You To Take Life ‘Slow’ In New Single

As the month of Ramadan came to a close last week, Los Angeles rapper/producer Haseeb announced to his fans a new single would be dropping in the coming days. If you’re unfamiliar with Ramadan, it’s a holy month in which practicing Muslims use fasting and prayer as a way to guide introspection and thoughtfulness. With that being said, it seems as though Seeb’s reflections guided him to the realization that we all would benefit from taking life a little slower.

‘Slow’ is a 3-minute and 16-second track produced by Willie B of Top Dawg Entertainment. His production paired with the layers of conscious lyrical content Haseeb is known for makes this an instant playlist add. Through the song, the rapper encourages the listener to be present in their lives, to absorb what they can when it’s occurring, thus to take it slow.

Although the outpour of excitement that’s circled around the single’s release is immense, Haseeb had some hesitation about the timing writing on Instagram, “the timing of this song is kind of crazy…but God is always on time” referring to the families being separated at the US southern border and the untimely death of the young rapper XXXTentacion. 

In a way there couldn’t be a better time for it’s release. 

Listen to ‘Slow’ by HASEEB below;

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