How We Can Do “Better”, A Story by Hannah Hamburger

The other day a friend told me, “Rock bottom is the best place to build a foundation,” which was one of the realest things I’ve ever heard in my life. As humans its natural to get discouraged when life throws you into a seemingly endless pit. However, the hardest part isn’t when you hit the bottom of that hole, but rather its the willingness to escape; realizing you can do better than sticking around the darkness.

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“Better” by Hannah is the song that rekindled this idea. The record jumps between several topics from individually becoming better human beings, improving our spirits with the hope that our world will become better, and Hannah’s personal demons that inspire her to do better.

“Street sweeper reflect the consciousness of Grim Reaper/Dark liquor, the taste of breath of something cheaper/Family cookouts, my Uncle Ronnie used to black out/Brought the fleet out, repent my sins before I check out”

The way I see it is that, no matter where we go or what we do, there’s always an opportunity to do better. For example, simply being content with your day job leaves room for happiness in your long-term career.

As a college student I used to believe I could enter the airwaves of Los Angeles radio within my first year of the industry. Though that didn’t happen, I found love in DJing and continue pushing podcasts to continue pursuing my goal.

What’s difficult is bouncing back after realizing you’re not the best. As Hannah explains in “Better”, you’re able to control your own destiny, and that’s solely based on how you react to the cards laid out on the table:

“Don’t get stuck up in that limbo, know your heart controls the tempo/Gotta do what’s right, but how you know if its wrong?/When you write your own song, but the feeling is gone/Is this better?”

That’s just one of many thoughts I get after listening to “Better”. Listen to Hannah’s EP Blossom, that dropped April 2017, for more food for thought.

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