Michael Christmas Seeks to “Grab Her Hand” and Your Attention

Making “the first move” to a potential lover can be scary. Nervousness, the fear of rejection, and self-judgement come into play when trying to get a his/her attention. The best way to overcome these obstacles is to to develop a sense of confidence, which is explained in Michael Christmas’ latest single.

Story | Matthew Gonzalez

Boston rapper Michael Christmas and Mac Miller introduce “Grab Her Hand” to battle the nervousness from “the first move”. Indirectly explaining that everything should be fine if you believe in yourself. In order to get what you want you have to take risks. If you want to have an interaction with someone it will never happen unless someone were to make the first move.

“I told that nigga grab her hand, grab her hand
Then you gone have some fun and dance, fun and dance
And do some shit you never did before”

Along with emotions that follow nervousness Micheal Christmas is also coping with hiding an erection and hoping that the girl he is after does not see it and classify him as a creep.

“You can judge like your honor or you can get up and dance
Get off your phone and let an awkward nigga reach for your hand”

In order to get closer to what you want in life you must take risks. Treat romantic relationships the same you would as a job search. You will never know if your qualified unless you put effort into taking the first step.

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