Brasstracks’ Good Love EP Introduces A Revolution for Hip Hop

Hip Hop is constantly evolving. Its emcees and instrumentalists are becoming more diverse, and we, the audience, becomes accustomed to new sounds on a daily basis. From simple boom bap beats, to electronic sounds taking over mainstream Hip Hop, we have to think where the middle — the sounds that avoid the boom bap formula and don’t overuse digital sounds — is getting some good love.

Story | Nico Blitz

Image | Brasstracks Soundcloud

Introducing the Good Love EP, a 7-track project fully produced by Brooklyn duo Brasstracks. If you don’t recognize their faces, you may recognize their sound from Chance the Rapper’s intense brass song “No Problem” from Coloring Book.

Their 2016 EP features the likes of rap artists such as Jay Prince and Alexander Lewis, in addition to artists of various genres like R&B singer Roses Gabor on “Get Your Way”, Masego on “Melanin Man”, and the paring of Lido and FatherDude on “Telling the Truth”.

Certain rap tracks on The Lunch Table’s radar include “Lemme Put This Cup Down” featuring S’natra and Alexander Lewis. This energetic track isn’t your typical club banger, but Alexander Lewis projected enough enthusiasm to entice the stingiest wall flower to dance.

Dancing aside, Brasstracks is revolutionizing the sound of music one step at a time. With the ability to incorporate their brass heavy style with the unfathomable flow of Chance the Rapper, to the consciousness of Jay Prince, all the way to the soulfulness of Roses Gabor, their window is wide open for opportunities of success. Nonetheless, we’ll be waiting for more collaborations the Brooklyn duo will have in store. It’ll be no surprise to see EVERYONE wanting some good love sound.

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