Your Post-Thanksgiving Hip Hop Treat: “Thankful” by Gavlyn & DJ Hoppa

Gavlyn and DJ Hoppa are a pair of busy people always creating, and always on tour. Despite their heavy workload and tight schedules, they never fail to produce new music and music videos for their fans, and on their new record “Thankful”, they express their appreciation for them.

As a post-Thanksgiving treat for both the Broken Complex-supporters and non-believers, the “Thankful” music video shows Gavlyn meeting fans from across the world; taking photos, videos, performing at her shows, and snippets of her daily life made possible by the fans, listeners, and haters.

“Thankful for my fans worldwide/Wouldn’t be shit without y’all, swear it’s you and I/And it always will be, you helped me to believe in me” – Gavlyn

It’s rare for an artist to really shout their fans out on a record. Music generally tackles love, money and politics, but the fans aren’t recognized enough for their support of the artists’ message. To simplify it, musicians aren’t much without their fans. Though it’s guaranteed that a record about ‘fans’ has been made since 2011, the last time I recall a rapper simply shouting out their fans on a record was in “Dollar And A Dream III” by J. Cole on his freshman album Cole World: The Sideline Story:

“I don’t never tell you how much I be stressin’, but I do/But I suck it up for who? my fans, and my mans/Who probably never ever had this type of lifestyle in they plans” – J. Cole

Fans don’t need all the recognition in the world for their support for an artist, but “Thankful” humanizes the West Coast-native and increases her value as an all-around artist. Gavlyn will be co-headlining alongside DJ Dubplates for the Hip Hop Party in Ecuador on December 2nd at Hotel Aeropuerto.

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