Garren Exemplifies the ‘Wrong Way’ of Living Life in Latest Single

Our personal circumstances taught us the difference between right and wrong. However, we’re not always capable of making the right choice in certain situations. Growing up, many of us do things that we aren’t particularly proud of and wish we could go back in time to fix those mistakes. Eventually, we have to make decisions that are going to positively change who we are as people, despite any pressure from anyone telling us to do otherwise. This instance is exemplified in Garren’s latest track ‘Wrong Way.’

Story | Shealene Sakacs

Image | via Twitter

Garren‘s childhood is placed in his recent track ‘Wrong Way,’ and how growing up in the streets affected his persona. The Compton native’s icons chose gang violence as a lifestyle, including his father who was in and out of jail because of it for many years. Garren felt he didn’t fit in when it came to living synonymously to his peers, and instead wanted to make decisions that would benefit his future.

In the video, Garren uses scenes from different movies that incorporate gang violence, crime, and even death to depict his perspective of growing up in Los Angeles. Although the people he grew up with normalized this type of behavior, he realized it wasn’t meant for him.

It’s important to the youth in today’s society because the pressure of fitting in and being like everyone else seems like the right thing to do at a young age, even if it means jeopardizing your future. The 22 year old rapper proves that anyone can make the ‘right’ decision.

Garren was courageous enough to have a conversation with his father to gain closure about his past and asked him multiple questions about why he let gang-banging consume him and explained how leaving him and his family affected their lives.

‘Wrong Way’ is the first single off Garren’s upcoming debut project Normal.

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