Garden by SOSUPERSAM | EP for Love and Women Empowerment

A garden is one of the most mystical places on earth; a place for simultaneous bounty, growth, and mystery brought out by the gardener. In relation to music, an album is a garden of expressions beautified by the experiences of an artist. Some are more taken care of than others, and in this case, Garden by SOSUPERSAM is one you’d like to frolick in.

Story | Nico Blitz

As SOSUPERSAM’s debut EP, Garden is a 6-track project that tells the story of Samantha Duenas’ love life relatable to most: a woman in her mid-twenties dealing with present-day men who cannot hold a relationship. Introduced with the song “One”, the Los Angeles singer describes herself as an unbreakable force who can deal as much damage as a man can in a dying relationship.

We are later introduced to more Futuristic R&B sounds in “A Little Wrong”, which later shifts to “Anyway” — both encapsulating the idea that Sam, like all people, have both a sexual and sensual side to them. Although not perfect, she’s sees relationships as a perfect storm that benefits and detriments both parties.

“We’ll settle the score with a perfect storm”

The first single, “So” from Garden, features Bay Area rapper, and Heartbreak Gang member P-Lo. The irony of it all comes from the HBK feature himself since Sam talks about being a heartbreaker throughout the album. This track becomes a major catalyst to break the barrier between R&B and Hip Hop for Garden.

But what does it all mean by the time you get to her last song, “The End”? Well modern day relationships seemingly go through fallbacks more often than before, and women look to become a stronger voice within their relationships. Your mid-twenties is a critical moment to deciding who you’ll end up spending the rest of your life with, and it’s safe to say that Sam is trying to empower women to become their own deciding factor.

It’s astonishing when guys see women standing up for themselves as ‘acting up’ or ‘bitchy’. A woman should be able to stand up for herself, because at the end of the day, why would you want to be with a mute puppet who only caters to your needs? Fellas, get a woman who can hold her own.

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