Floyd Zion Looks Deep in “Jupiter and Mars (Female Energy)”

Jupiter and Mars by Floyd Zion

Houston based rapper and producer Floyd Zion pays homage to Willow Smith with “Jupiter and Mars (Female Energy)”. Zion’s trippy beats coupled with a hook pulled from Willow’s “Female Energy” give the track an otherworldly vibe, making the listener connect with Zion as he sings:

“I just landed in another atmosphere/I’m just floating, in a stain steel sphere/I bet you have questions, like where did I come from.”

Story | Zara Hurtado

Zion opens up about the disconnect he feels, whether it’s constantly being plugged in “like extension cords,” seeing other rappers jump on bandwagons, struggling to find something to connect to and even his identity:

“What’s life/ it’s what’s right/ it’s what my parents said mixed with some Sprite/in a Black neighborhood mixed with some white/some see their son dark/some see their son light/ dealing with the problems of this world/ trying to hit Jupiter and Mars in one night.”

This track is a reminder that it’s easy to find ourselves free falling. It’s ok to not know where we’re going or what we’re about; we’ll find out on our own time.

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