A Low-Fi, Hip Hop Duo You Need in Life: Father JFont & Hunter Black

Typically, when people think of Soundcloud rappers they link them with low quality, a slow rise to stardom, a peak or eventually a fall off. Their rise to fame depicts their decline. However in my opinion, rapper Father JFont has no relation to this stigma.

Los Angeles-based rapper Father JFont partners with his producer Hunter Black to release “Pressure” featuring Iwishmyusernamewastylor and Jayda. This record highlights the duo’s sonic versatility, combining R&B, trap, and low-fi hip hop.

Additionally, Father Jfont and Hunter Black have a collaborative project called Death of A Monarch which has garnered over 66K plays per song on SoundCloud.

Hunter Black who produced for artists like Nessly, Lil West, and FatherJFont, produced the entire EP.

The duo will be dropping a music video to “Outta Time”. Stay tuned.

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