“Escape” From Trap, Alyssa Marie’s Second Single off Louder Than Words

There’s no escaping the stampede Alyssa Marie is making to her way to the top. With that said, she’s pushing “Escape” as her second single off Louder Than Words  to give her audience a different perspective of her art.

Story | Nico Blitz

Image | Alyssa Marie Instagram

As mentioned in our previous interview with Alyssa Marie, “Escape” is a song based on her recent addictions, which is ironic since she is the outside perspective acting as the temptation in this video.

Another look into the single itself suggests Alyssa is an escape from the industry norm trap music. Though trap is popularizing by the day, she’s convinced her conscious alternative style of rap is an outlet to the oversaturated sound.

“The world told you I’m poison, they’re poison/I’m the remedy to fix their mistakes/Only got a bad rep cus they wanna keep it trap, then I’m the one to give you an escape”

From her perspective, the rap industry is addicted to trap music, but no one seems to realize the poison it has on the mind. Conscious lyricism is easily overlooked by the industry since people don’t tend to buy into its thoughtfulness. All these ideas are portrayed with Alyssa being the personification of conscious rap music.

Think of the visual in this sense. The alcohol and drugs are one of the primary messages of trap music. It’s easy to get to it considering its everywhere, and addictive in the sense that the rhymes are simple and the choruses are easily repeatable. Alyssa playing the consciousness of rap music, is tempting you to take her as the stronger dosage between the drugs. She’s aware her lyrical potency is enough to release you from the influential trap sound.

So when it comes down to it, which drug are you willing to take?

Louder Than Words is available on Bandcamp.

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