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Rhythm and blues has always been the genre that gets us in our feelings. Whether it’s a song that entices you to enter a relationship or the antithesis of that; or even a song filled with harmonies and a smooth production that supplies good vibes all around, R&B continues to maintain its formula and evolve through its creative artists. Eric Bellinger is no stranger to supplying vibes year round, especially during the critical condition the United States seems to be in.

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As ‘a light in the darkness’ Eric Bellinger is one of the most relevant figures in R&B who looks to cure the world from its turmoil and sadness. The 30-year-old Angeleno has been active in the music industry since 2009, though not many are aware of how much he actually does. Eric is the Swiss Army Knife of R&B. He’s played the role of the artist, producer, songwriter, manager, and literally every other job imaginable.

The Lunch Table’s Exclusive Video Interview with Eric Bellinger

Sharing the genetic pool with his grandfather, Bobby Day – R&B singer, and songwriter for groups like the Jackson 5 – Eric is R&B’s most gifted songwriter. He is responsible for creating lyrics to “Fine China” by Chris Brown, “Lemme See” by Usher, “Right Here” by Justin Bieber featuring Drake, and much more.

Since he’s established himself as a premiere songwriter in the industry, he’s now more heavily focused on pushing his own music and creating opportunities for artists he believes in. In his recent release Eric B for President: Term 1, he unraveled up-and-coming artists Aroc, 11:11, RJ and Phil Ade, while supplying a project that gives the United States a ‘break’ from the recent presidential elections.

Eric Bellinger’s 2017 release Eric B for President: Term 2 is expected to recall the same ‘break’ from Term 1, but with a more feel-good vibe. Before his anticipated project arrives, the R&B sensation remakes some of today’s hottest hits like “Fake Love” by Drake, and the Mannequin Challenge’s favorite song “Black Beatles,” which is rumored to drop next week.

He also has a holiday-based project Your Favorite Christmas Song, which features remakes of your childhood Christmas hits with his twist. Songs like “Deck the Halls” and “The First Noel” will be ‘E-Mixed’ for the holidays.

As a singer, songwriter, producer, manager, and trendsetter in the game, what more is expected from Eric Bellinger? His new music continually evolves and offers high quality production, lyrics, and good vibes through turmoil and the holidays.

Who knows, with the power of his music he may end up being president one day.

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