Eric Bellinger Rolls Up Five New Joints on Cannabliss EP

It’s only been a little over a month since we joined Eric Bellinger on Santa Monica Beach for his Eric B. For President: Term 2 release party — his wavy album that showcases island grooves and smooth tunes, perfect for the spring breeze and has us feening for those warm summer nights to come. Only two weeks ago, he premiered the video for ‘Make You Mine,’ featuring Christina Milian as his leading lady, but best believe this hasn’t stopped EB from giving us more of our “favorite songs” on Cannabliss.

Story | Jasmine Sabagquit

In honor of 4/20, the unofficial or official (depending on how you see it) holiday celebrating marijuana culture, Eric has released his latest EP Cannabliss.

“With the worldwide holiday, 4/20 approaching I wanted to do something in attempt to help erase the negative stigma attached to it. My idea was to create a free project about cannabis that everyone would love. Especially the stoners!!! Lol A project so good that people would enjoy it even if they didn’t smoke. A project so vibey, so smooth, so mesmerizing, so relaxing, so hypnotizing that the energy embedded in the sonics of the music alone would subliminally relieve stress & cause the (responsible of age) listeners to feel high, effortlessly entering them into a state of “CANNABLISS.” – Eric Bellinger

One thing that Eric Bellinger seems to successfully capture in his music every time, is his ability to set up the stage for anyone who takes the time to listen to his sound. You know what you’re going to get — a project with so much effort and passion. You hear it in every second of his songs from the instrumentals, production quality, lyrical storytelling and of course, his silky smooth vocals. Whether you’re a fan of smooth R&B vibes or not, stoners and non-stoners alike, you can take something from Cannabliss.

For rap fans, The Game makes a surprise appearance on ‘Blazin with the Bros.’ The full EP is only thirteen minutes long, but it is guaranteed to have you feeling good even past the high.

Listen to the entirety of Cannabliss on Eric Bellinger’s SoundCloud.

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