DVSN’s ‘Morning After’ Sets the Standards for Relationship Goals

I’ve been seeing DVSN around the Twitter universe for a good while now, but I never thought to sit down and listen to them, and it’s probably because I didn’t know how to pronounce the group name. But DVSN (division) is an easy listening-R&B two man group signed to Drake’s OVO label, and they just released their sophomore album Morning After on Friday, October 13th.

Story | Sara Loretta

The group, made up of Daniel Daley and Nineteen85 are a Canadian duo who have resurrected the 1980s love song and blended it with 2000s R&B love ballad to captivate an audience full of late night baby makers (or aspring ones):

Their whisper tones and piano-trap soul beats re-inspire what a romance should feel like throughout each track of Morning After, especially on “Conversations in a Diner”: “We share a heart / You close your eyes / I’m in the dark / Never ever let you go / There’s no way / I’ll ever let you go”, or like on the song “Think About Me”: “Don’t think that we / Could ever be just platonic / And is it just me / Or would that be too ironic?”.

Each track on Morning After makes up an album that has you not reminiscing on an ex that maybe you walked away from too quickly, and get hardcore heartache over someone you’ve had feelings for but no relationship with – something I applauded (and hated) Bryson Tiller for. The difference between DVSN’s Morning After and Tiller’s Trapsoul & Self Made is optimism and the perception of love.

For Bryson Tiller, his music shows the regret he has obtained because of the things he did for his lover, and while he still wishes to give his all to her, you can feel the hatred and disappointment in his words. Whereas DVSN begs for the love back and remembers the beautiful moments shared between two people. While neither is wrong, and I can associate with both artists – I found comfort and hope from DVSN and their sincere sounds over the entire album.

You can find Morning After on all music platforms and can follow DVSN on Twitter @dvsndvsn.

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