“Doubt It” by KYLE | A Message to Be Real With Yourself

Mainstream rap has fed the idea that rap artists are obsessive over materialistic yearnings, money, and sex. Additionally, the other side of the game dives deep into the social consciousness that the industry tends to push away. So where’s the median of these extremes consisting of pure everyday livelihood?

Story | Nico Blitz

Image | KYLE

KYLE is back with his Soundcloud single “Doubt It” to do what he does best: touch base with his personal life and share it through catchy repetitive beats, and rhymes so real that, even without intention, will make you laugh.

The Ventura rapper clearly indicates his obsession over video games with references to both Pokemon and Assassin’s Creed.

“Yeah I’ve been the dude, dude since I made a YouTube/Fuck a million views, needed views so I’m floating like I’m Mewtwo”

“I just wanna play Assassin’s Creed/Give my baby what she needs, and watch my HBO shows in peace”

However, “Doubt It” is more than another confession of his video game livelihood. It’s his message to artists who cannot keep it real with themselves.

Essentially the game is split between artists out for money and artists out to change the world. Being in the middle, KYLE represents a portion of the game who simply wants to tell stories of what makes him happy. He’s expressing his doubt, saying that most rap artists wouldn’t speak upon what truly makes them happy.

It’s not conscious, nor trap. It’s just speaking about what makes him happy. For KYLE it’s video games, his girl, and his raps. What makes you happy?

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