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Disk Jockey: noun

A person who introduces and plays recorded popular music, especially on radio or at a disco.

Since its first party hosted jazz enthusiast Jimmy Savile in 1943, the term Disk Jockey has been cut short to DJ. Even today, the term becomes more popular by the day and many have taken an interest into the crowd-controlling musical art form. But just as the term Disk Jockey got cut short to DJ, so has the skill level of many of those who enter the craft.

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However, turntablism still exists; the skill that exhibits pure mixing, mashing two songs together to create a new, and all with the ability to please the crowd. You may think the turntablism can be found in a major city like Los Angeles, but let’s look more inland to find the right guy to coin the phrase.

Ryan Natividad, better known as DJ Rymx, is a disk jockey born December 17, 1989 and is native to Ontario, California. With a crate of records, two turntables, and a mixer at his disposal, he has established himself to become one of the Inland Empire’s most popular mash-up specialists.


As a child of four, DJ Rymx odes his humble beginnings back to IPoly High School, where he and his two brothers wanted to create something special for their region.

“I started DJing with my brothers, we started a DJ crew. We all just took a part of our names and made something out of it. I took Ryan and ‘remix’ and made Rymx.”


His ambition was inspired by Los Angeles’ Hip Hop radio station Power 106, where DJ Echo and DJ Vice became iconic figures to the art of turtablism. Day in and day out, DJ Rymx was adamant about becoming an on-air disk jockey for radio.

“I listed to Power 106 a lot, and I always heard DJs mix two songs at the same time. I took a pen and paper and wrote down those two songs and tried to mix them together so I could reinvent it.”

Aspirations always come with short-term goals. The Ontario-native specializes in spinning at debuts, weddings, clubs, and car shows. His love for car racing also lead to the development of K.R.O.P.S. (Keep Racing off Public Streets), where he and his brothers gather local car enthusiasts for a show meant to promote driving safety.

RallyX at Glen Helen in San Bernardino. Song: White Cliffs – Comfortable

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