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Aaliyah. Mariah Carey. Babyface. These are some names that ring a bell when thinking of 90s R&B, and who play an influence on contemporary rhythm and blues/soulful music. So what happens when you get a mixture of some of these influences?

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Introducing Didda Joe, who recently released his latest EP “1993” with Builders Music Group. The Indianapolis native recalls a ‘90s R&B vibe with today’s ever-popularizing trap music, putting him in a selective group essential for almost any mood.

The Los Angeles based artist clearly has influences from Aaliyah – exemplified in track 7 “1993”, which featured a vocal rendition of “Are You That Somebody” – and Houston’s chopped and screwed movement based on his practical use of deep vocal verses and echoes.

The EP also reveals a lone feature, South Los Angeles artist Joe Moses, who gives us a glimpse of what Didda Joe sounds like alongside a trap-heavy artist.

Aside from the technical aspects of 1993, Didda Joe easily sheds light to present-day topics of love – relationships surrounding one night stands, based on drugs and alcohol, ideas of sexual activity so dirty its considered sinning – but placing these topics with a mindset based in R&B’s most influential time.

Didda Joe | thelunchtabletalks.com1993 is only a snippet of Didda Joe’s skillset. Be on the lookout for potential projects he has in the future.

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