Devour Interview | New Album ‘Different’, Hometown Struggles, Fanbase & More!

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The Lunch Table would like to introduce you to Devour. The kid from San Fernando Valley never had any role models to follow considering his hometown is notorious for profiting on weed and porn. He was left with either committing himself to a gangster life or materializing an alternate way to escape the struggle. Consequently, he chose hip hop.

With a sound that’ll make you bounce and possibly blow your speakers from a thumping bass, Devour integrates his experiences into every track and his fans love it. For instance, his single “Bout Me” garnered over 13 million plays on YouTube, and follow up singles like “Chalk Em Out”, “Better Stop It”, and “Gassin” from his 2018 project Different continue to grow.

He an his fans have mutual love. “I wasn’t used to seeing smiling faces, but now when I’m at the mall people come up to me smiling, happy,” Devour explains in his first interview. “That shit motivates me.” In our interview, Devour dives into his unforgettable life before music, his newfound fame, and his ever-growing love for his fanbase.

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