Liberty Materialized into a Skateboard | “Airwalkin” by Derek Simpson

You’ve heard Miguel’s standout single “Skywalker“, but have you ever tried air walking? It’s the same concept, but it’s portrayed differently. Miguel tells us to enjoy the moment and block out our haters by walking above their bullshit. With this new record called “Airwalkin” from Derek Simpson, he’s simply trying to maneuver through life and its bullshit and life live his way on a skateboard with loose bolts; a metaphor for his way of life.

Airwalkin” describes Derek’s freedom. As a Boston-native who moved to Long Beach to pursue music, the Planetarian loosens his bolts and rides on his skateboard for liberty; a feeling of uncontrollable control:

Dope right? His low-fi sound is something to vibe to on a regular night. It’s great study music, but also something I’d use for meditation. This kid’s got a grip of talent and his sound keeps progressing with every song and name change he’s had in recent memory.

Derek Simpson is a feature on our upcoming Beats & Eats video segment slated to release in 2018. Peep more of his music on his website.

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