Matt Martians Gives a Taste of The Drum Chord Theory on ‘Dent Jusay’

The Internet announced last year that the group’s members would be working on solo projects, among them Matt Martians’ album The Drum Chord Theory, Syd’s full length album Fin and new music from Steve Lacy. Fans of the group were treated to the visuals for Martians’ “Dent Jusay” featuring Syd and Steve Lacy.

Story | Zara Hurtado

Image | via Matt Martians

The video depicts the trio enjoying a casual day in sunny L.A., rolling along to Martians’ trademark R&B and soul inspired sound. The visuals are so light and carefree compared to the song’s message of being slept on by a special someone. Syd packs the emotion with her smooth delivery of the lines:

“Why you keep flexin’ on me/ Like I’m just anybody/ The view from here’s a sight to see/ You don’t know what you’re missing/ You might lose my attention/ Darling our flight’s about to leave.”

Staying true to The Internet’s sound, “Dent Jusay” is the kind of suave, romantic jam we’ve come to expect from the group’s members, especially coming from Martians who co-founded the group with Syd.

Whether or not “Dent Jusay” is too similar to The Internet’s sound is a matter of personal opinion, but it’s definitely worth playing on repeat. The Drum Chord Theory dropped on January 27, and you can listen to the album here:

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