Demrick & DJ Hoppa Share Secrets to Life on ‘One Day At A Time’

It’s the day and age when yesterday is obsolete, today is busy, and tomorrow is worrisome. As a busy body, the idea of taking one day off makes me believe I’m one step farther from accomplishing one of my one million standing goals. It’s frustrating to feel behind and playing catch-up when the world is ever-shifting. However, I got a sense of relaxation after listening to ‘One Day At A Time’ by Demrick and DJ Hoppa, which basically told me to focus on today, today, and focus on tomorrow, tomorrow.

Story | Nico Blitz

Image | Demrick @iamdemrick

Right on time for the International 4/20 Holiday, Demrick and DJ Hoppa’s music video to ‘One Day At A Time’ recalls a pre-show ritual at their Cakes By the Point Tour, where the Broken Complex collective utilizes blunts and Hennessy to wash away any internal struggles. The Los Angeles-based lyricist provides a contagious chorus over a chill boom bap instrumental, confessing his thankfulness for his livelihood.

“What’s meant for me will definitely be mine if I take it one day at a time (day at a time)/ I stopped listening to the doubts in my mind, I realize that’s the devil in disguise (devil in disguise)/ I never thought I’d make it passed 25, I survived and thank God I’m alive (thank God I’m alive)/ I take a hit, close my eyes, visualize where I’m headed take it one day at a time (take it one day at a time)”

Directed by Jesse Ray Diamond, the music video is as simple as the song itself, and Demrick’s description of life. There’s no outrageous editing to compensate for the lack of reality, nor is there an overwhelming usage of bass, synthesizers, or piano keys implemented into the instrumental to requite for the lack of lyricism. It’s a track that shares the simple secrets of life; how easily you can control your destiny through dedication, repetition, creativity, and most importantly, being yourself.

No album information has been released for ‘One Day At A Time’ by Demrick. Stay tuned.

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