Demie the Destroyer talks Asian Rappers, 5A Label, Airplane Mode EP (Interview)

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Here’s how Frankenstein came to mind when I found Demie Cao aka Demie the Destroyer.

One of my favorite anime series is called Fate, where the masters control heroes, villains, and entities of human history with the purpose to acquire a granted wish by defeating other masters. My fascination in this anime surrounded the creation of reimagined heroes with unconventional powers. For instance, King Arthur is personified as a a saber-wielding female lead, and Count Dracula is this trendy vampire/sorcerer.

This one particular hero, however, immediately caught my attention. Frankenstein, a being constructed by unorthodox means, is conceptualized as this short-tempered little girl who’s arguably one of the deadliest of them all. She doesn’t look the part, but when pushed against the wall, she’s able to diffuse any conversations questioning her fighting prowess and skill.

Native to Arcadia, California, Demie is a Chinese-American rapper who worked herself to the K-Town Nightmarket stage to perform her lone single “Chungdam Models”. Upon first listen, you’ll absorb a head banger that’ll catch you off guard. You’ll listen to the song, look at Demie and think, “she made this?”

And that’s perfectly fine.

She’s quiet, but attentive. Reserved, yet full of energy. Fuse these formulas together and it’ll stun anyone who questions her surface-level nature. This 5-foot girl brings the intensity of Cardi B and Keith Ape into the booth, which showcases an unprecedented confidence she keeps in her back pocket.

Her style got her signed to Los Angeles-based 5A Label, who’s looking to release Demie’s first project later in 2018. It’ll be a project in which Demie proves the old saying, don’t judge a book by its cover.

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