Daz Rinko Tastefully Drops Two Summer Singles: “Vanilla Ice” & “Sweetie”

We’re doing everything we can to prevent Summer 2018 from being dry, bland, and tasteless by putting you on with new music from our favorite artists. Daz Rinko is a longtime friend of The Lunch Table and we’re happy to introduce you to two new songs from the funkadelic Memphis rapper: “Vanilla Ice” and “Sweetie“.

Both singles present Daz‘ usual self; an eccentric emcee who throws jabs over pockets in the instrumental. With production from CMajor (“Vanilla Ice“) and Curtis Waters (“Sweetie“), the Black Boy Joy rapper solely wants you to maximize your enjoyment for this season then will eventually get to what he really has to say come Fall.

“It’s a little something to hold the people over until Black Boy Joy 2 releases in September,” Daz says. “Both tracks are certified bangers, and a great way to kick off the summer.”

Smart move. Summertime is about feeling yourself and enjoying your work-less days. Though the first half of his Black Boy Joy projects doesn’t emanate depressing vibes, it does explain the simplistic factors that can make a black man happy. Look out for Black Boy Joy 2 in the latter half of the year, but first enjoy “Vanilla Ice” and “Sweetie” below:

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