Stay Woke, But Don’t Forget to Shake Ya Ass | “Dahh!” by Daz Rinko

Being woke is great, but sometimes being too woke can lead to insomnia. Daz Rinko dropped Black Boy Joy in 2017; a project entirely based on the elements that lead to happiness for him and people alike. Don’t throw away the knowledge, but let’s instead take a momentary pause on the wokeness and enjoy life with Daz’ new record “Dahh!“.

It’s a breath of fresh air in 2018, and this record is something Daz hasn’t done in years. Last song that he’s made that remotely close to this is “Vibe Wit Me” off his 2015 project LIFTED. Yeah, it’s been a while, but he’s proving he can make conscious records and bangers. In describing his new single, Daz shared, “I just wanted to have fun over a song after a serious conceptual project [Black Boy Joy]. I just want people to cut it on in the whip or at a party and jig with their people.”

Another thing I wanted to note is that the hook is sang by his manager, McKenzii Webster. Talk about getting a bang for your buck.

DJ’s let’s get this in the club. Guys and gals, shake ya ass and listen to “Dahh!” below:

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