Dave East’s New Album Paranoia is a Record Label Mystery

On August 18th, Dave East’s highly anticipated Paranoia album will be released through Def Jam. However, it’s curious that Def Jam has barely mentioned the album, and East announced the date with just a picture.

Story | Sara Loretta

Image | RESPECT Mag

Regardless of the minimal marketing for the 2016 XXL Freshman, Dave East has had a pretty great year from collaborating with Ice-T to his handful of freestyles. We have only heard one track from his upcoming album, which features Chris Brown and basically sounds like a 2005 R&B track. Of course I can get behind this song because it’s pure gold, but I definitely am interested to hear the rest of the album, especially since ‘Perfect’ is almost nothing like East’s current discography.

The track is GOOD though. I think it’s important to understand why ‘Perfect’ can be a game-changer for Dave East, particularly because this song could easily be played on the radio, which would not only allow him to go mainstream, but also give East the recognition he deserves (as he is one of the most underrated XXL Freshman of the past three years). It seems that even though he is signed to Def Jam, the record label doesn’t do a whole lot with East as a personal brand, and keeps him locked up in his Harlem castle.

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It will definitely be interesting to see how the seventh album release for the New York rapper will do, especially as it’s the end of the summer and we already have our “hit tracks”. Paranoia will be released to Apple Music and Spotify on August 18th at midnight.

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